The Santiago Partnership has started a new initiative called Scarves for Santiago.  This initiative strives to support the mission of the Santiago Partnership in ministering to at risk children and their families in Ecuador through medical care and a children’s home.  Scarves for Santiago promotes the amazing work of Ecuadorian artisans and specifically the beautiful scarves that are made in the area of Otavalo.  With a donation to the Santiago Partnership in the amount of $20 or more, you can be the recipient of one colorful Ecuadorian scarf.  This price includes the cost of shipping.  Just make sure to let us know what your general color preference is and we will get it sent out to you muy pronto.  In order to place your Scarves for Santiago order, just click on the link below and specify that you would like to make a One-Time Donation and then specify how many scarves you would like and what color(s) you would like in the “Personal Message” section.  Thank you for your support of the Santiago Partnership through Scarves for Santiago.

Joel & Kim Delp