Happy Anniversary Casa Hogar!

Written by Tara Euler, Santiago Partnership Board Member I was so fortunate to be able to attend the Casa Hogar one year anniversary this past week.  It is almost hard to believe that from the opening last June, this beautiful house is now home to 17 children.  There were presentations, food and music, but the […]

Partnering in Cayambe

This week, members of the Santiago Partnership team had the privilege to work with 2nd year medical students from Michigan State University in Cayambe.  The students prepared a 7 station medical clinic to give individuals and families a general check up and then refer them to our clinic.  On Friday and Saturday, the students saw […]

Serving together in Quito.

This past week we partnered with the Evangelical Covenant Church of Ceresco, NE to serve alongside the local church Primavera Alto in holding a medical caravan for their surrounding community in Quito. During the week, we saw around 150 patients and held a day of educational workshops. It was fantastic week of serving together uniting […]

Welcome Jessica!!!

Jessica Delp has recently come on as the new Intern with the Santiago Partnership.  She will be helping us in the areas of development, donor care, creative writing, newsletter correspondence, social media promotion and grant writing.  We are so excited to have her with us! Jessica is a Liberty University sophomore, and hopes to earn […]

Update on 64 for Ecuador!

We are now up to number 40 in our goal to have 64 for Ecuador!  Are you interested in helping us get there? The Santiago Partnership exists to serve the underprivileged in Ecuador through faith and action.  Did you know that some Ecuadorians have gone weeks, months, or even years without a medical checkup?  We […]

Women serving women

This week the Santiago Partnership had the privilege to partner with a group of women who served the women of Ecuador in Ambato and Las Delicias, near Santo Domingo. The group was made up of three Nurse Practitioners, a nurse, a “Jill of all trades”, a pastor and spiritual director from the States. We had […]

Thank you Vanessa and Janelle!

Thank you to our friends Vanessa Alleruzzo and Janelle Fountas as they are heading home after three months of volunteering with us in the area of Occupational Therapy.  They served the Medical Clinic as well as the Home for At Risk Children and also reached out to a school for Disabled Children in Cayambe.  It […]

Thank you Emerson family!

A little over a week ago, we received a visit from Brad and Sarah Emerson and their kids from Grand Rapids, MI. Brad and Joel Delp are friends from college.  They took a family vacation to visit Ecuador AND to help in donating an I-Stat Blood Analyzer for the Medical Clinic that can perform many […]

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the Santiago Partnership!!! This week we celebrated Easter together in the Home for At Risk children with all of the staff of both the Home and Medical Clinic. We prepared the traditional Holy Week soup called Fenesca which has 12 different grains representing the 12 disciples. It takes many hours to prepare […]

Thank you IU School of Dentistry!

We had the privilege of working once again with the Indiana University School of Dentistry this week on a medical/dental caravan. We visited the Kichwa communities of San Antonio and 4 Lote. On Friday we spent the day in Juan Montalvo at Iglesia Emanuel. The dental team saw over 230 patients in total and the […]

The loss of a dear friend

We lost a dear friend yesterday, Pastor Paul Thompson.  Paul was a member of the Board of the Santiago Partnership but more than that he was the pastor of our Home Church, Northwest Covenant Church in Mt. Prospect, IL, the many years we attended there.  He was the one who introduced us to Ecuador when […]

Thank you Indiana Wesleyan OT Team

We just finished up a great week with the Indiana Wesleyan University Occupational Therapy Team.  It was a fantastic week of learning together and partnering together in mission as we served the Home for At Risk Children and the School for Special Needs Children in Cayambe.

Oh Canada!!!

Thank you to the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada and their continued commitment to Ecuador and the Santiago Partnership.  Our friends from Canada joined us again this past week to keep moving forward on the construction efforts of our new extension.  It was a great week with a lot of laughs, some tears shed and […]

Thank you Chicago friends!

Whew! What a busy yet encouraging and uplifting week! We welcomed a team of medical professionals from Lutheran General Hospital and Audiologists from the Chicago land area, led by the Santiago Partnership’s own Kristi Lundblad.  Some were returning from previous trips and for some it was a brand new experience.  However, I think all of […]

Thank you Riverside Covenant Church!

Thank you Riverside Covenant Church!  A little over a week ago, Riverside brought a team down to visit with us and their partner church in Cangahua.  It was an awesome week!  They helped us make a lot of progress on the expansion of the Medical Clinic.  In addition, they spent time with the children in […]

64 for Ecuador Update

We are now up to number 37 in our goal to have 64 for Ecuador!  Are you interested in helping us get there? The Santiago Partnership exists to serve the underprivileged in Ecuador through faith and action.  Did you know that some Ecuadorians have gone weeks, months, or even years without a medical checkup?  We […]

Christmas Celebration

We have been feeling festive this holiday season and the fun was capped off this past week by holding our end-of-year Christmas party where we all came together as a project (everyone involved in the Home for At Risk Children and everyone involved in the Medical Clinic) under one roof.  We ate turkey together, played […]

Online Auction to Benefit At Risk Children

Beautiful hand-crafted items from the heart of Ecuador!  Support a great ministry and give unique gifts this Christmas!!  Thank you from the Santiago Partnership and the people of Ecuador! Auction runs Dec 1st – Dec 10th at 11:59 PST. Items will ship week of Dec 11th.  Click here:

Welcome Home

After many years of planning and talking and praying and working, we are so happy that 2017 was the year that the Home for At Risk Children has finally opened.  We are already serving 11 children thanks to our past donors.  The first child we received, Mikal, was 3 years old when he came to […]

Double Your Donation!

Make your donation count as you can possibly have your donation to the Santiago Partnership doubled through your employer!  Employee Matching Gifts are donations an employer makes to match its employees’ charitable contributions. Usually associated with corporate grant-makers, employee matching gifts often are dollar-for-dollar, but some companies will give double or even triple the original donation.  […]

Serving in Otovalo

As a new week is about to begin, it is hard to think about that as this last week was SUCH a great week. Several of the board members from the Santiago Partnership worked on this team, a medical caravan.  We partnered with a church in Otavalo, a town about 30 minutes north of Cayambe.  […]

Forming Local Partnerships

As is fitting for our name, the Santiago Partnership, seeks to form partnerships that both benefit our project in Cayambe as well as with those whom we partner.  The same is true for our ministries in Ecuador.  Since our Home has opened back in June, we have seen growth in the Home as we now […]

Report on the Women’s Caravan

Our team for the week was made up of a diversity of women.  All of the missionary women from the U.S., a missionary from Sweden, women from the national women’s organization for the Ecuadoran Covenant church, and three women from North America came down for the week.  We worked in two different locations in northern […]

Reflection on Women’s Caravan

A Reflection from our missionary, Kimberly Delp. “Yesterday marked the completion of the first Women’s Holistic Medical Caravan in wonderful collaboration of the Women’s Ministry of the Covenant Church of Ecuador, the Santiago Partnership, Covenant missionaries from the States and Sweden, and volunteers from Ecuador, the United States and Canada!  It was a full week […]

Minga for the Clinic Expansion

Pictures from yesterday’s Minga in Cayambe in order to construct the new wing to the Medical Clinic.  We had over 120 people who came out to support the project and specifically our medical clinic and the Expansion Project for 2017. The Clinic Expansion Project is our construction project for this year and it has the […]

Women’s Health

A couple of days ago we alluded to a new ministry we would be starting.  This new ministry is through our medical clinic and it is a focus on Women’s Health. Women all over the world often feel more comfortable being open about their bodies, health, and their lives when they are among women.  We […]

Clinic Expansion Project 2017

The Clinic Expansion Project is our construction project for this year and it has the goal of completing an extension to our clinic in order that we can offer Physical and Occupational Therapy in 2018.  The expansion of the clinic is significant and it is with the idea that there will be additional space for […]

Welcome Annalea!

On behalf of the Santiago Partnership, we want to officially introduce to you Annalea Egging.  Although she has been here 6 months already, we have held off on the introductions because she has been studying Spanish primarily and getting settled in to life here in Ecuador. Annalea is a Covenant first-term missionary who is and […]

Looking Back, Looking Forward

I am keenly reminded quite often how our pasts can come back around.  That is definitely a loaded comment.  Of course, the negative parts of our pasts can. We can think of them and be angry or upset or be controlled by them.  Regardless our pasts shape us for better or worse.  People also shape […]

Thank you Northwest Covenant!

Our Construction Project for 2017: Expanding our Medical Clinic. We have the pleasure of hosting Northwest Covenant Church (the Delp’s Home Church) from Mt. Prospect, IL this week and they are helping us with our clinic expansion. We got hard to work yesterday and the construction will continue through Tuesday. The Clinic Expansion Project is […]

Half-way there — 64 for Ecuador!

We just hit the magic number 32 in our count to 64 for Ecuador!  Please help us fill up the second half of the 64. The Santiago Partnership exists to serve the underprivileged in Ecuador through faith and action.  Did you know that some Ecuadorians have gone weeks, months, or even years without a medical […]

Meghan rocks!

The Santiago Partnership has been blessed by having the best volunteer through the Covenant by the name of Meghan Lóser.  Meghan comes to us from Saranac Community Church in Saranac, MI and has been with us since the beginning of March and we will be, unfortunately, leaving us in the beginning of July.  She recently […]

We are open!!!!

We are open!!!! Today, is our first day of being officially open with our Home for At Risk Children where we are awaiting children with open arms. In reality, we wish the services of the Home weren’t necessary but alas the needs for its services in the area of Cayambe are greatly undeserved. We will […]

Opening the Home for At Risk Children

These are exciting days for the Santiago Partnership. This past Wednesday was the first day of work for the employees of the Home. It included a lot of introductions, explanations about our organizations, systems and structures and a tour of the Home. The rest of the week included team building and planning activities. We plan […]

Moving toward self-sustainability

We have been on a three step process with our project in Cayambe, Ecuador.  Step 1: Open the Medical Clinic.  Step 2: Open the Home for At Risk Children.  Step 3: Become self-sustainable.  As you know, the clinic is open and serving the community and we are in process of opening the home right now, […]

Permit for the Home for At Risk Children

Here it is (below).  The time has come.  We have finally received our Permit for the Home for At Risk Children.  The permit was presented to us on April 29th during the Inauguration of the Home. This is actually a provisional permit, granting us the permission to function for 3 months.  However, the additional requirements […]

Serving the Iglesia Nazareno

After our big day of celebration a week ago with the Inauguration of the Home for At Risk Children, we went right back to work again on Monday with another Medical Caravan.  This week we partnered with a group of doctors from Chicagoland, headed up by the Santiago Partnership’s very own Kristi Lundblad.  We served […]

Inauguration of the Home for At Risk Children

On Saturday, April 29th the Home for At Risk Children in Cayambe, Ecuador was inaugurated!  We plan to have the people working in the Home start on May 15th and the Home be open to receive children on May 22nd. These are pictures from Saturday of the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and the Prayer of Dedication […]

Thank you Canada!

Doing Partnership the Canadian way!  Our friends from the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada are back again this year and are doing partnership in Ecuador in a new way.  We came together with a Pastoral Interchange with pastors from Canada and pastors from our Kichwa conference of the Covenant Church of Ecuador.  It was a […]

Serving Quevedo

This past week we partnered with Bethany Covenant Church of Berlin, CT, the Iglesia del Pacto de Missionera de la Valle of Sangolqui, Ecuador and the Covenant’s Merge Ministry in order to hold a Medical Caravan in Quevedo, Ecuador where the Missionera de la Valle church is planting a new work.  We came alongside them […]

Scarves for Santiago

The Santiago Partnership has started a new initiative called Scarves for Santiago.  This initiative strives to support the mission of the Santiago Partnership in ministering to at risk children and their families in Ecuador through medical care and a children’s home.  Scarves for Santiago promotes the amazing work of Ecuadorian artisans and specifically the beautiful […]

Pray for Ecuador elections

The Santiago Partnership would like to ask everyone to pray for the Ecuador and the Presidential elctions being held today and the days following as they are predicting a lot insecurity and unrest in the wake of the election.  You can read more about the election between the final two candidates here:

Thank you Indiana University School of Dentistry!

Lot’s of pictures from this past week’s dental & medical caravan in partnership with Indiana University School of Dentistry. We visited the Kichwa communities of Rumipamba, La Magdalena and Punguhuyaco where we served 270 dental patients with another 337 receiving fluoride treatments and 125 medical patients. It was a lot of work but we are […]

Construction Continues on the Medical Clinic

As you may remember, our medical clinic is going through the process of transitioning from being a “Class A” Medical Clinic to a “Class B.”  The “Class B” status is a higher grade level clinic that has come about because we have added the services of the laboratory and broadened the services of our pharmacy, which will […]

Indiana Wesleyan Serves Cayambe

This past week we hosted our first team of Occupational Therapy Students from Indiana Wesleyan University. It was an incredible experience for us, the team as well as those whom we spent time with this week. We helped the student team connect with a local school in Cayambe for kids with special needs as well […]

Thank you Natasha!

This past week we hosted a visit from Natasha Westerhoud, our friend, a pastor, a Santiago Partnership Board member and one of the heads of Ecuador missions for the ECC Canada.  It was a lot of fun and a real encouragement to have her with us.  She was able to participate in counseling in San […]

More Construction on the Medical Clinic

We need to update you all on the permit process for both the Medical Clinic and the Home for At Risk Children.  We have been waiting on the approval of our permit renewal for Medical Clinic before the Home for At Risk Children can receive its initial permits.  The Medical Clinic has gone through quite […]

Welcome Mikayla!!!

Welcome to the Santiago Partnership Mikayla Gehrisch!  Mikayla is a student at North Park University pursuing a degree in Nonprofit Management. She is passionate about serving and values the importance of sustainable development.  She has previously served internationally in the Dominican Republic (June 2013, June 2014, March 2014) and in Tanzania (December 2016).  Mikayla is […]

Best Crops Yet

It’s harvest time for the Santiago Partnership and we have some of the best crops that we have grown on the property where the Children’s Home is located as well as our second property above the home.  We are selling this produce from the home to locals nearby, church members and our partner Compassion program […]


  Sometimes all it takes is a question… Joel may not be where he is had it not been for ONE QUESTION from a friend.  The question was basically, “do you want to go with me to Honduras on a mission trip?”  Simple, to the point, open-ended.  There are always many excuses that can be made […]

2016 Year in Review

We will provide a year in review of what all transpired in 2016 through pictures.  Each picture can be clicked on to follow the link to read about it.  Thank you for all of your support in 2016!!!                                   […]

Christmas Party

A couple of days before Christmas, the Santiago Partnership team members had a party to celebrate Christmas and the Year End as well as thank all of our employees for their hard work this past year.  It was a lot of fun as our missionary, Kim Delp, headed up the cooking as we did it […]

IWU Nursing Students

The Santiago Partnership is committed to education. This past week we hosted a team of nursing students from Indiana Wesleyan University, the first group of nursing students to visit and work with our project. They were a fabulous team that were very excited about teaching and helping in Ecuador. The team first visited the project […]

Serving the Community

Our Medical Clinic in Cayambe serving the community. Yesterday, we held a training event free of cost and open and available for anyone who was interested. We covered first aid, emergency prevention and some basics of the treatment and prevention of the flu. Everyone left very satisfied from what they had learned.

Double Your Donation!

Happy Giving Tuesday!  Will you join us as we help families stay Healthy for Holidays?  The Santiago Partnership has a goal of raising $10,000 to ensure that the community continues to have access to exceptional medical care.  The medical clinic in Cayambe, Ecuador is actively serving the community.  In addition, the Santiago Partnership has medical […]

Healthy for the Holidays

Will you join us as we help families stay Healthy for Holidays?  The Santiago Partnership has a goal of raising $10,000 to ensure that the community continues to have access to exceptional medical care.  The medical clinic in Cayambe, Ecuador is actively serving the community. In addition, the Santiago Partnership has medical caravans that serve […]

Giving Tuesday and Matching Grants

Giving Tuesday will soon be upon us on Tuesday, November 29th. Giving Tuesday is your day to give back during the holiday shopping season. Did you know that you can double your donation? The Santiago Partnership will be offering a limited matching grant for those who give on Giving Tuesday. However, in addition to this. […]

Still Growing

This past week, we continued our work toward self-sustainability by planting more crops, including trees around our upper lot to protect the crops from the wind.

Serving Rumipamba

This past week we partnered with the Evangelical Covenant Church of Dassel, MN as well as the Covenant Church of Rumipamba, Ecuador to hold a free Medical Caravan for the community of Rumipamba.  Over 120 patients received a free medical exam as a ministry of the Covenant Church of Ecuador in showing the love of […]

Update on the Home

It’s been a while since we have updated you on the Home for At Risk Children in Cayambe.  If you remember, we had finished the construction on the home earlier this year.  Well, we have been busy getting the medical clinic up and running since then as it opened in May and has been serving […]

Offices Complete

Offices Complete!  Thanks to the work of our partner church, Iglesia Emanuel, the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada and Church of the Good Shepherd we now have offices for the project as well as for the church and Compassion center.  How do you they look?

A Visit from Cayambe’s Mayor

This past Wednesday we had the visit from Cayambe’s mayor, Guillermo Churuchumbi Lechon, to our Home for At Risk Children and the Medical Clinic. This was our initial meeting to see if the the local municipality of Cayambe can partner with us in ministry. Please pray for this possibility.

Goodbye Jonathan!

The Santiago Partnership would like to celebrate the life of Jonathan Swanson of Duluth, MN who recently passed away and whose memorial contributions have been donated to the Santiago Partnership.  Jonathan was a servant of the Lord, first and foremost, attending seminary with our missionary Joel Delp and serving churches in the U.S., Japan and […]

Gracias Rolando!

Yesterday, the Board of FACE (the Development arm of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Ecuador) got together for a day of fellowship and an opportunity to say “GRACIAS!” to our Project Coordinator Rolando Escola.  We were thanking him for his time of service as the president and leader of FACE for almost 5 years as […]

64 for Ecuador

The Santiago Partnership exists to serve the underprivileged in Ecuador through faith and action.  Did you know that some Ecuadorians have gone weeks, months, or even years without a medical checkup?  We are searching for 64 people willing to take action with us to fund our medical clinic in Cayambe, Ecuador.  Please watch this informative […]

Thank you Pleasant Community!

This past week we had the pleasure of having a team back from Pleasant Community Church of Warren, PA. They helped this week on construction working on the offices for the project as well as helping our partner church, Iglesia Emanuel, with the construction of a soccer field. Thank you so much Pleasant Community!

New Missionary Joining the Santiago team

We are so excited to announce that we are going to have a new short term missionary coming to Ecuador!  Her name is Annalea Egging.  She was recently commissioned at the Covenant Annual Meeting (pictured below) to be a short term missionary with the Evangelical Covenant Church.  Kim knew Annalea, or at least knew of […]

Update on Office Construction

Thank you so much for your support of the Santiago Partnership, especially Church of the Good Shepherd in Crest Hill, IL as they have given a special gift toward this project. Here is how we are progressing with the office project. You can see the floor tiling that was recently purchased and will soon be […]

Update on Earthquake Relief

Thank you so, so much for your support of our relief efforts to those affected by the recent earthquake. Through your support, we have begun the process of building 4 homes for the people of Mejia who lost theirs that terrible day in April. As you can see in the pictures, the pastor of our […]

Thank you Church of the Good Shepherd!

This past week we partnered with Church of the Good Shepherd of Joliet, IL in working on this year’s construction project of building offices as well as helping them minister to the Covenant Churches of Cayambe and Oyacachi. It was a fun week and a lot of ministry was accomplished. Praise be to God!

Physical Therapy

Recently, the good folks from Riverside Covenant Church  of West Lafayette, IN paid us a visit and we, along with the help of a physical therapist on the team, went out to provide physical therapy for people in need in the surrounding area. Thank you Riverside! Also, please be in prayer for another team we […]

Pea Field

The Santiago Partnership is committed to partnering with the local church to create self-sustainable projects. For that reason, we recently planted peas. Don’t they look nice?

Promotion Day

This past Saturday we held a big promotional day for the medical clinic to let them know we are open and serving the greater Cayambe area. We had a big setup in the park with free basic medical check-ups, balloons and face painting. Unfortunately, it rained a lot so this is the only picture we have. […]

Medical Caravan to Cayambe and Oyacachi completed

A week ago, we completed another medical caravan to the children of the Compassion program in the Iglesia del Pacto Nazareno “Nazarene Covenant Church” in Cayambe and their extension location in Oyacachi.  Almost 370 children received their annual medical exam and were treated with anti-parasitic medicine and given vitamins.  Praise be to God!  Enjoy the […]

Medical Caravan in the books

This past week the Santiago Partnership along with our international volunteers completed another medical caravan. We served about 500 Compassion children in the communities of Juan Montalvo, La Carera and San Antontio de la Pachka. Thank you for all of you who served.  

Ministry in Santo Domingo

The Santiago Partnership continues its relief efforts in collaboration with our partner denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church of Ecuador. As survivors from the recent earthquake are being sheltered in the Covenant campgrounds in Santo Domingo, we have been providing them with their medical care. A week ago, our medical staff attended to all of those […]

The Medical Clinic visits the Coast

This past week the Santiago Partnership sent our clinic medical staff out to the coast to help those who have been affected by the recent earthquake. In one day our staff, with a team of medical students we joined up with, saw over 300 people desperately needing medical assistance. Please also pray for our missionaries, […]

Pictures taken from the Earthquake Destruction

Pictures of the destructive force of Ecuador’s recent earthquake taken this past week when we traveled out to see how we could help. These photos show the destruction in the area of Manta where the quake was very strong, especially the town of Tarqui that was utterly destroyed. As of today, 659 people lost their […]

Ecuador Earthquake Update

It has now been almost 13 days since the devastating earthquake hit the Ecuadorian coast.  Some days it seems like a lifetime ago and other times it seems like it just happened yesterday.  It is probably to the point in the U.S. that the earthquake is no longer getting a lot of media attention.  My […]

Light of the World

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.”  Matthew 5:14 When I was younger, I LOVED lighthouses.  I remember having a poster of a lighthouse on my wall with a huge wave hitting it in a storm.  What an amazing a beautiful image to wake up to […]

Medical Clinic Officially Opens to the Public

On Monday, April 11th our Medical Clinic in Cayambe, Ecuador officially opened to the public!!!  After almost two years from starting in Ecuador, the first ministry in our two part project has commenced.  After almost ten years of constructing the clinic and trying to open it, the Covenant Church Iglesia Emanuel has finally achieved what it […]

Medical Caravan Completed

This past week the Santiago Partnership held a Medical Caravan in the Kichwa community of Lote 4 and with our partner church, Iglesia Emanuel, where we saw over 340 little patients as the children of the two Compassion sites were receiving their annual check ups.  The service was performed by a collaboration of our Medical […]

Clinic staff is being formed

It was an exciting day yesterday that during our weekly Wednesday meeting, we welcomed some of our staff to the team. In the final picture from left to right you see, Dr. Abimael Hernandez, Nancy Morales (who is helping us a nurse intern) and our nurse Myrian.  These are our staff members as they are […]

IU Dental School put to work

This past week the Santiago Partnership hosted a dental team made up of dentists and dental students from Indiana University School of Dentistry and we put them to work!  We held a medical and dental caravan in the area surrounding Cayambe visiting Juan Montalvo, Lote Cuatro, Carera and Guachala.  Though we are still in the […]


Last week, we harvested the potatoes that we have been growing to help fund the home and clinic. It was two days of hard work but it was neat to see the product of 6 months of cultivation. We are in process of selling the harvest now and we are estimating that we will have […]

Thank you Canada!

This past week our partners from Canada and the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada came down to partner with us in ministry once again. This year’s project is building offices for the project as well as a an apartment for medical volunteers. A big thanks to to our Canadian friends!!!!

A Long-Awaited Inauguration

Today at our partner church, Iglesia Emanuel, we held our long-awaited Inauguration/Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for the Medical Clinic.  It was quite the event.  People came from all over to be involved.  Representatives from IPEE’s Administrative Council and Pastoral Council were there and participated in the events.  Many people gave speeches with many words of high praise […]

What you have been waiting for

The pictures you all have been waiting for you! Here are the updates on how the construction of the Home for At Risk children is going. We are lacking about one week’s work with our contractors. How does it look?

Long Time Coming by Jess Delp

  (This is a reflection shared by Jess Delp who volunteered with the Santiago Partnership for two weeks in July 2015) First off, I want to apologize for the embarrassingly late post. Unfortunately a few things came up that had to take priority over writing this; new schools, new friends, new ambitions. And now we’re on the brink of a […]


We received the wonderful news today that our Medical Clinic in Cayambe, Ecuador has been approved for service by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Health!  As many of you know as you have been following along and praying for this approval, we have been waiting for quite a long time and had to make many adjustments […]

Home for the Holidays!!!

Friends of the Santiago Partnership are working hard to complete the construction of our first house for at risk children in Cayambe, Ecuador. It is our goal to create a welcoming environment for the children while they are separated from their families. Will you help make this house a home by donating towards the purchase […]

See the new kitchen!!!

Thanks to the team from Northwest Covenant Church and our Ecuadorian partners, we made incredible progress on the home for at-risk kids this week – tiling, skim coating, sanding, painting, digging, hauling, installing cabinets and appliances, and more – and the kitchen was mostly finished! Part of the team also worked in the clinic – […]

How’s it look?

How is the home for at risk children looking? Thank you to all of you who have given to make this construction possible. God bless you! If you’d like to help us finish up the construction this year, visit us at:

A slight delay

Our patients are trying to get in but they’ll have to wait a little bit longer. We met with the Ministry of Health to allow them to conduct an inspection on the medical clinic in order to receive our final permit to open the clinic. Unfortunately, the inspection didn’t turn out as well as we […]

Thank you ladies!

A big thank you to Women’s Ministries of First Covenant Church of River Falls, WI for the hand made curtains for the Medical Clinic. As we are about to open the clinic, they come at the perfect timing. Thank you so, so much!  

Minga, minga minga!

We love who we serve alongside! Yesterday, we held a minga (community volunteerism event) with the churches from the Kichwa Conference and the Central Conference (Quito area) of Covenant churches and over 30 good folks came out to help plant potatoes and continue the construction of the home. It was quite a site and such […]

64 for Ecuador!

The Santiago Partnership exists to serve the underprivileged in Ecuador through faith and action. Did you know that some Ecuadorians have gone weeks, months, or even years without a medical checkup? In faith, we are running a campaign over the next month to find 64 people willing to take action with us to fund our medical clinic […]

Women’s Health a focus this week

This week we conducted a Women’s Health Medical Caravan in the communities of Zuleta and Cayambe as we had the blessing of a visiting Medical Team from the area of Chicago. Over 100 patients received an exam over a 4 day period. Many thanks to all of those involved!


We had a visitor come from the Seattle area this past week.  Emily Davidson, one of our Santiago Partnership board members was able to come down and visit!  What a pleasure it was to finally meet her in person as well as 3 friends of hers too!  She was able to visit the clinic as […]

VBS Time!!!

Summertime always brings a multitude of excitement…warm weather, walks, vacations, family reunions, pool time and VBS for a lot of churches.  We just had VBS at one of the churches here in Quito and it was so much fun.  It is so great seeing kids and adults who have never heard the gospel, experience Jesus! […]

1 Permit down, 1 To Go!

This may seem like a very simple picture, but it represents a lot for the clinic in Cayambe.  This is the official permit from the local municipality of Cayambe that is currently up in the clinic.  Please continue to pray.  We are only lacking 1 permit before the clinic can be officially opened!   YEAH!  Please […]

Disaster hits our sister community in Oyacachi

Pictures of disaster relief and pastoral care in Oyacachi. It has been amazing to see how the see the response by our Christian brothers and sisters in the surrounding area Covenant churches. If you would like to support their efforts, gifts can be received through Covenant World Relief, just click the link below and put […]

Doing Good by Sara Hallam

When I read or hear about the needs of this world, I get overwhelmed and think, “What can I possibly do?”  The size and scope of the problems today paralyze me and I often end up doing nothing.  I want to make a difference in the lives of others, but I wonder where to start.  […]

Volunteers needed!

The Santiago Partnership has been blessed by numerous volunteers in our already short existence. Just yesterday, two more volunteers, Sarah Gosen and David Gutierrez, helped us pour the floor for the entrance to the home for at risk children.  Contact us if you are interested!

Welcome Kaleigh Anderson!

The Santiago Partnership would like to introduce to you our new Intern, Kaleigh Anderson.  As recent graduate of Liberty University, Kaleigh comes to us from Toccoa, Georgia.  Kaleigh’s parents have adopted three Ecuadorian girls who are now Kaleigh’s younger sisters (pictured above).  The story of how she came to be involved in the Santiago Partnership […]

Wednesday Meetings

Every Wednesday our project leadership team which consists of Rolando Escola, Project Coordinator, Jose Tuqueres, Pastor of Iglesia Emanuel (our partner church), and Kim and Joel Delp, our missionary couple, meet in Cayambe to discuss the project in great detail and make decisions about how to proceed and plan for the future. Rolando is our […]

Samples Taken!

This week we conducted blood draws for almost 390 children in the city of Cayambe as well as the small village of Oyacachi. These samples were taken for an upcoming medical caravan. Thank you so much to Eric Brown, Cassidy Wagner, Colin McLaughlin and Chris Melby for volunteering to help make these events possible!

Construction continues…

… and you can help! We have recently resumed construction on our home for at risk children in Cayambe, Ecuador. After finishing the ceiling, we have begun putting the block up for the walls. Slowly but surely we are progressing toward our goal to have the home completed by the end of this year. You […]

Santiago Partnership VBS Curriculum Released

The Santiago Partnership is pleased to announce that the Evangelical Covenant Church has created a VBS mission project curriculum about and in support our project in Cayambe, Ecuador.  You can see the website for the curriculum here:  Covenant VBS Website However, as you can see on that site, the final version for the curriculum has […]

Update on the Medical Clinic

The construction of the clinic’s laboratory has been completed! Doesn’t it look nice??? Please continue to pray for the clinic’s opening as we are just awaiting the needed permits. Our goal is to open up to the public by June 1st of this year.

A Wonderful Celebration!

Yesterday, we participated in a Parade and Rally called “How Great and Powerful is our God” of all of the Evangelical Churches of the greater Cayambe area. All of the Covenant churches in the area were represented and it was a privilege to be a part of such an exciting event.

Testimony from Wally Kelley

Reflections on Ecuador In January 2015 Wallace Kelly from Prospect Heights, IL traveled to Ecuador and spent a week volunteering with the Santiago Partnership. Wally graciously agreed to share some of his impressions of his time with the Delp family, and what he experienced helping the Santiago Partnership’s multi-faceted ministry.  Thank you Wally- we are incredibly grateful! […]

Medical Caravan in Lote Cuatro

The past two days we conducted a medical caravan in the Quechua Village of Lote Cuatro (up in the mountains outside of Cayambe) in which we saw over 170 patients. It was an incredible blessing for us to have this opportunity to minister. Two of of the Santiago Partnership Board members, Jeff and Kristi Lundblad […]

Blood Samples

Pictured here our missionary, Kim Delp, drawing blood from one of the children from the Quechua Village of Lote Cuatro, just outside of Cayambe.   Even though the clinic is not yet operational, we are able to participate in our first medical caravan.  In a couple of weeks, we’ll be heading up to Lote Cuatro again […]

A new partnership is formed!

This past Thursday a new partnership was formed! What you see pictured here is the President of the Covenant Church of Ecuador, Henry Burbano, signing a “convenio” or a formal agreement to partner with the Covenant Church of Canada for the next three years. We will be working together to further the ministries of the […]

Welcome our Canadian friends!!!

Today, we welcomed our Canadian friends from the Covenant Church of Canada!  24 team members arrived late last night and quickly got to work today on the first home for at risk children.  We are working on pouring the ceiling for the homes while they are here.    

Passing on the blessings!

The Santiago Partnership recently had the opportunity to pass one of the many blessings that we receive from all of you to one our fellow partners in ministry.  Our denomination here in Ecuador, the Evangelical Covenant Church, has a campgrounds in Santo Domingo that has many needs.  One of these was the need for a riding […]

Container released!!!

(Not actual photo) Our container of Medical Donations has finally been released from the port in Guayaquil and is on its way to the clinic in Cayambe.  Praise the Lord!!!

New Harvest team arrives!

We were happy to welcome a work team from New Harvest Christian Church of Oregon, OH after they had a day and half flight delay problem making their way to Ecuador.  Though they were weary from travel, they quickly got to work on the home for at risk children in Cayambe!  

IRS Certified!

Approved! We are pleased to announce that the Santiago Partnership has been officially recognized by the IRS as a legal 501c3 non-profit (charitable) organization. All donations to the Santiago Partnership are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Things keep getting better and better!!!  

Construction continues…. (just not on the home).

We’ve been hard at work in Cayambe even though we are currently paused on the construction of the first home for at risk children.  Though it is not yet open, we are already expanding the services of the Medical Clinic.  We will providing the the services of a laboratory so that we can give a […]

Container sent!

After much prayer and patience, the container of supplies is on its way to Ecuador! Thanks to all who donated medical supplies and other items to send in the container, and thanks to those who helped to pack the container this week!

Container Approved!

The day has finally come! We’ve recently heard from Ecuador that our container of medical donations has been approved to be sent to Ecuador! Praise the Lord! Please watch for updates to come showing the packing and sending of the container. Thank you for your prayers for the container’s approval!

Please pray!

  As you know, we have been through an incredible amount of delays with our container of donated medical supplies, but it seems as though we are finally reaching the end!  All of the paperwork for the container is back in the hands of the Quito Customs Officials who will hopefully be giving us the […]

3 Days, 3 Mingas

What a joy it is to have partnership in ministry!!!  3 Days = 3 Mingas = 1 Floor for the entire home.  Iglesia Emanuel, our partner church in Cayambe, finished pouring the floors and they look beautiful.  It was a wonderful day of work, fun and food.  As any good minga ends, we ate together […]

Una Minga de Distrito Quechua

Yesterday partnership in ministry was in full affect as an entire conference of the churches came together for a minga to work on the construction of the first home for at risk children.  The Quechua Conference of Covenant churches, which is the conference that surrounds the area of Cayambe, sent over 40 representatives from its various […]

Una Minga de Tres Lote

What a blessing to have over 22 people from a small Quechua community called Tres Lote (“Third Lot”) come out to work on the home for at-risk children.  They came on Friday because they had plans on Saturday for the scheduled minga, however, they still wanted to help.  Most were women with children they were […]

Una Minga de la Iglesia Emanuel

Good folks from our partner church in Cayambe, Iglesia Emanuel, came together yesterday for a minga, which is a Quechua word meaning that the greater community comes from all around to work on something together for the greater good.  Over 30 volunteers from Iglesia Emanuel worked almost 6 hours on the construction of the home. […]

Construction continues….

Construction continues at  the work site of the first home for at risk children.  It is amazing to see what two Ecuadorian contractors can accomplish in just a few short weeks!!!   They have poured the remaining column bases, back filled around the majority of the column bases and have dug, laid rock and poured pretty […]

And so it begins…

It has been over 12 years since the dream of starting a medical clinic and a home for at-risk children was born.  That dream is getting closer and closer and as of last week, the dream is becoming a reality.  Two work teams came down to help out with breaking ground for the first home […]

Construction Begins! And You Can Help!

This week we have the excitement of seeing construction starting on the home for at-risk kids in Cayambe, and we are so thankful to have construction teams who have traveled to Cayambe from Coshocton, Ohio, and Warren, Pennsylania.  Please pray for the 46 individuals who have arrived from Coschocton Christian Tabernacle and Pleasant Community Church to break ground and […]

Welcome Rolando Escola!

We welcome Rolando Escola to the Santiago Partnership team as our new project coordinator with FACE.  Rolando will be leading our project in Ecuador as his role of coordinator with FACE indicates.  In addition to serving as our project coordinator, Rolando also holds the significant responsibility of being the President of FACE.  For a reminder […]

Thank you FCC Willmar!

Thank you to First Covenant Church of Willmar, MN for your recent significant gift that has helped us in our purchase of land in Cayambe, Ecuador for building our first home for at-risk children.  Your generosity and dedication to ministry in Ecuador is quite admirable!

A Signed Agreement

June 25th, marked an important day for the Santiago Partnership, as a 4-way agreement was signed at the Covenant Headquarters in Quito, Ecuador. The signers of the agreement are: – Curt Peterson, Executive Minister of World Mission of The Evangelical Covenant Church of the U.S. and Canada; – Henry Burbano, President of the Evangelical Covenant Church of […]

The Land

The earth is the LORD’S, and all it contains, The world, and those who dwell in it. Psalm 24 Help us convert this field of wheat into a refuge for children endangered from situations of abandonment, neglect, abuse, forced labor and human trafficking.  Pray with us this week as we negotiate and purchase this plot […]

Missionaries arrive in Ecuador

Our founders and missionaries, Joel & Kim Delp, have recently arrived in Ecuador to begin our projects.  They received a wonderful welcome upon their arrival.  Not only were they met at the airport by Pastor Jose Tuqueres and 10 additional members from his church, Iglesia Emanuel, but also Henry Burbano, the National Church President as […]

Update on Supplies Donations

We have received many wonderful donations!  You can see everything received in the picture up until this point.  Thank you so much!!!  Our shipping date has been pushed back until March 8th so we still have time to receive more.  Some of the items still needed include: cement mixer, generator, children’s clothing (new or like new), shovels, […]

Supplies for Ecuador

On February 22nd, 2014, we will be loading a shipping container in Coshocton, OH and sending it off to Cayambe, Ecuador.  The container will carry medical supplies for our first clinic, as well as construction materials and supplies for our first home for at-risk kids.  We already have some great supplies ready to go, but […]

Auction Results

THANK YOU to everyone at Northwest Covenant Church and the church’s Mission Board for your support of the Santiago Partnership with this weekend’s auction!  The auction was a huge success!!!  And it was  a lot of fun!  Over $5,000 was raised at the auction which puts us at slightly over $20,000 in fundraising efforts towards […]

Announcing Benefit Auction

There will be a silent auction to benefit the Santiago Partnership held at Northwest Covenant Church (300 N. Elmhurst Ave., Mt. Prospect, IL) on Saturday, January 11th at 4:30 p.m.  If you live in the Chicagoland area, please come out to attend and support our ministries.  A wonderful pasta dinner will be served and many […]