We received the wonderful news today that our Medical Clinic in Cayambe, Ecuador has been approved for service by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Health!  As many of you know as you have been following along and praying for this approval, we have been waiting for quite a long time and had to make many adjustments to the clinic in order to receive this approval.  Praise be to God that the day has finally arrived where we now have all the permits we need to open the clinic to serve the medically underprivileged of the greater Cayambe area.  Now, we will be working diligently to hire our staff and have our official opening day.  Here’s where things get real for us from a financial perspective in that we will be hiring a doctor, dentist and nurse to staff the clinic.  We are still underfunded in this regard.  If you would like to learn how you can be involved in supporting the medical ministry to underprivileged of Cayambe, Ecuador, you can read about the 64 for Ecuador here:

Joel & Kim Delp