our mission

The Santiago Partnership, as an international team of followers of Jesus Christ collaborating with the local church of Ecuador, South America, seeks to transform the lives of at risk children and their families, as well as serve underprivileged communities.



We work together in partnership with different unique gifts and capacities but with one goal, to serve the medically underprivileged and children in at risk situations.  Each member of the team is unique and different and brings a set of skills that serves the team.  We all work in our own areas but work together for the greater good and for the greater team to make the lives of the people we serve just a little bit better.  Our team works in four different areas: administration, the medical clinic, the home for at-risk children and community development.


Rolando Escola  Project Cooridinator

Rolando Escola
Project Cooridinator

Jose Tuqueres  Pastor

Jose Tuqueres

Joel Delp  Missionary | Pastor

Joel Delp
Missionary | Pastor

Kimberly Delp  Missionary | Nurse Practitioner

Kimberly Delp
Missionary | Nurse Practitioner

Annalea Egging  Missionary | Nurse

Annalea Egging
Missionary | Nurse


Medical Clinic

Alexandra Chontasi  Gynecologist

Alexandra Chontasi

Yadira Maldonado  Doctor

Yadira Maldonado

Lucy Maldonado  Dentist

Lucy Maldonado

Paulina Morales  Nurse

Paulina Morales

Home for At-Risk Children

Cecilia Gualavisi  Childcare Worker

Cecilia Gualavisi
Childcare Worker

Silvia Gualavisi  Childcare Worker

Silvia Gualavisi
Childcare Worker

Blanca Moldonado  Childcare Worker

Blanca Moldonado
Childcare Worker

Margoth Monteros  Childcare Worker

Margoth Monteros
Childcare Worker

Maribel Tutillo  Childcare Worker

Maribel Tutillo
Childcare Worker

Gabriela Valenzuela  Psychologist

Gabriela Valenzuela

Gity Vasconez  Social Worker

Gity Vasconez
Social Worker

Nancy Villalba  Childcare Worker | House Parent

Nancy Villalba
Childcare Worker | House Parent

Gustavo Iguago  childCare worker | House Parent

Gustavo Iguago
childCare worker | House Parent


Community Development

Carolina Imba  Social Worker

Carolina Imba
Social Worker

Abigail Tandayamo  Community Facilitator

Abigail Tandayamo
Community Facilitator

Tamia Tocagon  Pyschologist

Tamia Tocagon



Because we are a U.S. non-profit organization, our Board Members are listed below so you can get to know each person that is a part of our team.


+ Joel & Kim Delp | Founders

Quito, Ecuador
Joel and Kim Delp are Long-term Missionaries with the Evangelical Covenant Church. They have been serving the Covenant church in Ecuador where they are involved in various projects and ministries in the areas of community development, health care and pastoral ministries. Kimberly is a Family Nurse Practitioner and she received her degree from Rush University in Chicago. Joel received his Masters in Divinity and in Business Administration from North Park University and Seminary in Chicago. They were married in May 2002 and have been planning this project since they were married and now have three children.

+ Tim & Angie Eberhard

Harrisburg, PA
Tim has been in the construction industry for over 19 years and has been a partner in his own business Cross Improvements, LLC for over 14 years. He graduated from Asbury College with a Bachelor's degree in Applied Communications in 1998. Angie graduated from Asbury College in 1999 with a degree in Accounting. A year later she received her certification as a Certified Public Accountant. She has worked for a regional accounting firm in Ohio until later deciding to stay home with their children full-time. They are very excited to join efforts with Joel and Kim and feel a direct calling to be a part of this ministry.

+ Scott & Sara Hallam

Sugar Land, TX
Scott is Vice President of Operations for Williams Companies Inc., responsible for operating pipeline, facilities, and processing plants associated with natural gas and oil production in the Northeast. Scott’s background includes a BS, MS, and MBA, along with being a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Six Sigma Black Belt. Sara stays home and is homeschooling their three boys, (Seth, Ben, and Miles). She also leads a women's ministry called "Getting Real" through their local church. Her background includes a certification as an Adult Nurse Practitioner. She went to Johns Hopkins University for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Kent State University for her Masters. Scott and Sara Hallam are long-time friends of Joel and Kim Delp with Scott and Joel growing up together in Madison, Ohio.

+ Zach & Janae Stevens

Coshocton, OH
Zach and Janae Stevens are owners of Integrity Design & Construction, LLC of which they established in March 2005. Zach focuses on new construction and remodeling, but is a jack-of-all-trades. He has worked in construction for over 23 years and worked in bridge construction prior to starting his own business. Janae is from Long Beach, CA, attended JR High/H.S. in Colorado and received a Liberal Arts degree at Colorado Mountain College. She has spent the past several years working as accountant/secretary for Integrity Design & Construction, homeschooling their children and being household manager for the family. They met Joel and Kim in September 2012 on a Vision Trip to Ecuador. Surprisingly, they realized that their paths had crossed with Joel & Kim in seemingly random ways for the past 20 years. God has given them a desire for missions and they look forward to each step in this process of ministry and the ways God will change them and lead them to impact others for Him.


+ Jeff & Kristi Lundblad

Mt. Prospect, IL
Kristi completed medical school at Loyola University in Chicago and her pediatric residency at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, IL. Kristi works in a pediatric clinic in Park Ridge, IL, and volunteers at a Spanish-speaking clinic for the under-served. Jeff works in the IT department at North Park University in Chicago, IL. They have long felt a special connection to Ecuador, and were privileged to visit Ecuador again in 2012 on an early Santiago Partnership Vision Trip. Being asked to join with the Delps in the Santiago Partnership pulls together Jeff and Kristi's love of Ecuador, medicine and service to others.

+ Richard & Tara Euler

Harrisburg, PA
Richard and Tara Euler met while attending the University of Rhode Island. Richard graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Tara earned her degree in Natural Resources. Richard is a Vice President of Human Resources for Sysco. Tara is a Special Education Teacher working with secondary students. They recently followed God’s call after living and raising their family in Maine for 29 years and relocated to Harrisburg, PA. Tara first traveled to Ecuador in 2011 where she met the Delps and Burbanos on a Vision Trip. She fell in love with the people of Ecuador. Richard soon followed sensing the same “pull.” They believe in the Santiago Partnership Mission and the Vision the Delps have for helping children in need while spreading the love of Christ. In their free time, they enjoy the outdoors and Tara enjoys photography.


+ Natasha Westerhoud

Norquay, Saskatchewan
Natasha Westerhoud was born in Former Yugoslavia and came to Canada when she was 4 years old. She is currently living in Norquay Saskatchewan serving the Norquay Covenant Church as their Associate Pastor. She is a graduate of Canadian Bible Seminary holding a degree in Christian Education. In her 20 years of pastoring, her ministry interests include discipling students, cross culture opportunities, promoting fair trade opportunities, leading mission’s trips, walking along side women, and pastoral care counselling. She has a passion for gathering people and over a good cup of coffee loves to hear people’s stories. She is also one of the two leaders in the Evangelical Covenant Ecuador Missions trips and facilitates trips every second year. Natasha’s passion for missions and Ecuador started years ago when her husband and she joined a mission’s team that was heading down to Quito. Upon returning her desire to continue to care and support grew. She met Joel and Kim a few years ago and loved their ministry and passion and is excited to walk alongside them and the ministry God has given them. Natasha has been married for 20 years to a wonderful man, Mike, and is the mom of an amazing 5 year old little girl, Hana. They are all very excited as they wait patiently for the next addition to their family from Vietnam!


+ Erica Liebelt

Seattle, WA
Erica is a pediatric emergency medicine physician and medical toxicologist. Although she doesn’t have any children of her own, Erica has devoted her life to taking care of children and advocating for their well being—from babysitting in high school to volunteering on the pediatric cancer ward in college to becoming a pediatrician to volunteering to teach school children about art. Erica participated in her first medical mission trip in April 2016--a pediatric caravan with the Santiago Partnership and Evangelical Covenant Church of Cayambe. A delayed flight in Quito in 2014 when returning from a vacation showed Erica the sunlight of God’s spirit through the Delp family and the opportunity to help children in Ecuador through the skills God has given her. After her trip, Erica told Joel and Kim that she now feels there is no limit to what she can accomplish in helping others and fulfilling God’s will for her. Erica recently moved to Seattle WA and loves exploring the natural beauties of the Pacific Northwest. She currently serves as Executive Director and Medical Director at the Washington Poison Center and is the Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine.


+ Rolando Escola

Cayambe, Ecuador
Rolando Escola is the project coordinator with FACE and serves as an adviser for the Board of Directors of the Santiago Partnership. In addition to serving as our project coordinator and adviser, Rolando also holds the significant responsibility of being the President of FACE. He holds a Bachelors in Engineering in Business Administration. Rolando is married to his wife Diana and they have two children, Jonathan and Denise and live in Cayambe.


+ Annalea Egging

Tumbaco, Ecuador
Annalea is a Covenant first-term missionary who is working with the Santiago Partnership in the area of medicine. Annalea has been a Labor and Delivery nurse for 12 years and she also specializes in perinatal loss. She has a variety of gifts that compliment us and the team here in Ecuador. Kim Delp and Annalea were in nursing school together at North Park University and she went to Covenant Bible college in Ecuador (2000) and was a dean of women at CBC in 2007. She has visited Ecuador many other times and has also served in Africa before coming to serve as a missionary in Ecuador. She is working in the clinic in women’s health in collaboration with our physicians. She will also be working with our medical caravans and will be adding more educational pieces to the clinic and community at large surrounding the clinic.


+ Mary Thompson

Chandler, AZ
Paul is the pastor at Hope Covenant Church in Chandler, AZ. Paul led his first short term mission trip to Ecuador in 1994. After moving to Mount Prospect, IL, he continued leading short-term mission trips to Ecuador (96, 99, 02. 05, 08, 10, 11). Mary received a Masters in Education and is presently a substitute teacher. They are also proud grandparents. Paul and Mary Thompson met Joel and Kim Delp when they attended Northwest Covenant Church. Paul and Mary covet their relationship with the Delps and look forward to continued ministry with them.


Home for at risk children

There are four phrases that best describe the homes for at risk children: 
well supported, high quality care, community focused and long-term sustainable.



+ Well Supported

The homes will be well supported in that there will be a local Covenant congregation that partners with and ministers to each home. This church will view the home as one of its ministries and the house parents and children who live in the home will be a part of that congregation. In addition to the one local congregation, there will also be a surrounding district of Covenant churches that will be there to support the home and its ministries. Finally, the homes will be a part of project administered by F.A.C.E. and will have all of the support and expertise that F.A.C.E. provides, as well as the support of the I.P.E.E. denomination.


+ Community Focused

Each home will not only be internally focused in caring for the children, they will also be externally focused in the community around it. This is because the goal of the home is that each child be reunited with his or her family, which follows international standards adopted by UNICEF in following the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2009. Now, in some situations of extreme abuse and misconduct, reunification with the child’s biological parents may not always be possible and be in the best interests of the child, but the goal is that the child be reunified with some family members that will love the child as their own. Each child will be legally court appointed to move to the home, and also to be returned to the family; thus the need for a lawyer, psychologist and social worker. These professionals will be serving not only the children in the home, but also their families, as the goal is reunification. In the same way, the partner church will be ministering to the home and their families as well as the broader community. The idea is that the home not only cares for the children inside of it but also the families and community around it.

+ High Quality Care

The homes will be able to offer a high level of care for the children in that the focus of the home is on quality and not quantity. The idea here is not to collect as many children as possible. Rather, the homes will provide care for up to 8 children. The homes will have a set of house parents that live in the homes with the children as their “foster parents,” as well at least two more additional workers that will provide everyday care. In addition to those who are taking care of the children day-in and day-out, the homes will also have the services of a social worker, a psychologist and lawyer.


+ Long-Term Sustainable

The homes are not a short-term project, established only to serve for a small period of time. Rather, the goal is that the homes be created and minister over the long haul. This is why each home will have a partner, local congregation as well as a supporting district of Covenant churches and the national Covenant denomination (I.P.E.E.). In addition to this ministerial support structure, the homes need to have a financial support structure. The Santiago Partnership will provide this initially, but the goal is that the homes will be one day be 100% self-sustainable. The idea is that micro-enterprises can be created in the homes that will generate revenue which will cover their expenses.


Medical Clinic




Step 1

The initial step was to begin serving the children in the local Compassion International center that is a ministry of the local church, Iglesia Emanuel.  This was met soon after the project started in 2014.  At that time, there were around 500 children to serve with sick visits and checkups.  

Step 2

The clinic was officially opened to the public in April of 2015 after serving for about a year with the children in the Compassion international center.  When the clinic was officially opened, it began serving the greater community of Juan Montalvo and Cayambe.  Since it’s opening in 2015, the number of patients seen per year has tripled.  In 2017, over 3,000 patients were seen and cared for.  

Step 3

Our third step was to serve the broader community with less access to medical care through medical caravans.  Although the thought for step 3 was after the clinic had been open for a while, it ended up happening almost simultaneously with the opening of the clinic.  The goal at this point is to continue to develop educational programs for the surrounding communities and to continue the medical caravans to areas with little or no access to quality healthcare.

Step 4

Our final step in for the medical clinic is to become a clinic of specialties.  We’d like to serve the broader community even better through specialists like pediatrics, traumatologists, gynecologists, cardiologists, etc, so we can serve the greater community even better.



We believe that patients coming to the clinic is important, however, we think it equally as important to reach out to surrounding communities, further in to the mountain and indigenous communities as well as other parts of Ecuador.  

The medical caravans provided by the clinic are mobile and go out to serve those who otherwise couldn’t come to the clinic.  These caravans provide a visit to the dentist or medical provider for $5, mobile laboratory services, pharmacy (all patients receive vitamins and anti- parasitic medicines), nursing attention and educational services.  These caravans are done in collaboration and partnership with Ecuadorian physicians, U.S. and Canadian providers and many others.  

The goal of these caravans is to be the hands of feet of Jesus.  It is not just to talk about helping and serving, but to actually serve, serve those who are underserved and underprivileged with minimal to no access to healthcare.