The Santiago Partnership recently had the opportunity to pass one of the many blessings that we receive from all of you to one our fellow partners in ministry.  Our denomination here in Ecuador, the Evangelical Covenant Church, has a campgrounds in Santo Domingo that has many needs.  One of these was the need for a riding lawn mower to make the grass cutting less grueling.  For the camp employees, mowing all of the lawn required three full days of labor with a push mower.  Well, a neat thing that we were able to help out was with assisting in transporting a donated lawn mower from Ohio to Ecuador on our container.  We recently had the joy of turning this lawn mower as well as a brand new weedwacker over to the camp administrator and his wife.  And as soon as they got there, they put it to use as you can see in the second picture.  What a blessing to be able to share in this kind of way!

Joel & Kim Delp