The Santiago Partnership would like to introduce to you our new Intern, Kaleigh Anderson.  As recent graduate of Liberty University, Kaleigh comes to us from Toccoa, Georgia.  Kaleigh’s parents have adopted three Ecuadorian girls who are now Kaleigh’s younger sisters (pictured above).  The story of how she came to be involved in the Santiago Partnership is amazing.

Here is the story in her words:  “At the beginning of the year I was greatly missing a precious little girl from Ecuador (Natalia who was adopted by our Board members Tim and Angie Eberhard) who held a large piece of my heart and changed my life.  I wasn’t able to celebrate her birthday with her like I had done before because instead of living in Ecuador she now lived with her new forever family in the states! I was so happy for her, but still wanted a way to honor and celebrate the incredible person that she is and her importance to me! I asked her Mom what ministry their family would like me to support in Ecuador and they suggested the Santiago Partnership! I was thrilled to give to a wonderful new ministry in Ecuador! 

After donating for the first time I spent some time reading about what the Santiago Partnership does and I fell in love with the concept of providing medical care and homes for at risk children all under the leadership of local churches and with the end goal of each facility being self-sustaining.  I knew I had to find a way to be more involved. “

Joel & Kim Delp