As much as we have seen the Holy Spirit move and work among us, I think we still sometimes try to sell short, the work, the amazing work that the Spirit does.  Another recent example of this was a visit we had from the Dean and Director of the new Occupational Therapy Department of Indiana Wesleyan University.  It has been amazing to see this partnership development since discussions first started over the early summer months.  Joel and I have a friend who we have known since our days at IWU who is working in this new department.  We saw her and her husband and met for a time of fellowship a year or so ago.  We talked about the Santiago Partnership and Ecuador and what God is doing here.  Our friends wanted to help and they have.  Our friend in the OT department talked to other members of this new program as they were trying to set up intercultural opportunities for their students.  They wanted to go to different places inter-culturally than other programs at IWU.  Our friend suggested Ecuador and the project here that we are involved with.  That suggestion developed into meetings with members of the program in August and a recent visit from the Dean of the Program and Director of the program.  We had one and a half days to do a lot of scouting out of things for a team coming soon.  We visited two different sites in Cayambe, one is a school for children and young adults with disabilities, the other is basically a movement of people with disabilities.  They are trying to form partnerships to help those in the area of Cayambe who are vulnerable, not just the disabled.  It was a great experience for us all and we are excited to see what partnerships will develop in the future and what God is going to do through the partnership with IWU.  Please pray with us and thanks be to God for the way the Spirit moves among us!

Joel & Kim Delp