The Santiago Partnership would like to celebrate the life of Jonathan Swanson of Duluth, MN who recently passed away and whose memorial contributions have been donated to the Santiago Partnership.  Jonathan was a servant of the Lord, first and foremost, attending seminary with our missionary Joel Delp and serving churches in the U.S., Japan and Sweden before coming to Ecuador to further pursue his call to ministry.  Jonathan will be remembered for being such a kind and caring man with an amazing gift for connecting with others one-on-one and for his hilariously dry sense of humor.  Jonathan’s cerebral intellect and deep sensitivity provided an incredible ability to see the beauty in things or see God in things where others did not or had not yet seen. He will be missed by so many.  His memorial contribution will continue the work of the Santiago Partnership in serving the less fortunate, as we know he would have wished.  Goodbye Jonathan!  We will miss you!

Joel & Kim Delp