The Santiago Partnership has been blessed by having the best volunteer through the Covenant by the name of Meghan Lóser.  Meghan comes to us from Saranac Community Church in Saranac, MI and has been with us since the beginning of March and we will be, unfortunately, leaving us in the beginning of July.  She recently graduated from the University of Michigan and is in her gap her before she starts Medical School in August.  The time that we have had her with us has been a true blessing as she has such a servant heart and has always been so ready to serve in any capacity that she is asked.  She has worked with us in all of our Medical Caravans mainly serving as a translator as she is fluent in Spanish.  Additionally, she has taken on the large task of assisting us with the inventory of all of our supplies for the Home for At Risk Children as well as the entire stock of Medical supplies that we have in our storage room of the Medical Clinic.  There are before and after pictures below of Medical storage area.  That alone has been a lot of work but all the while she still found time to teach English classes and help the Delps when they needed an extra hand with the kids.  Meghan will be sorely missed but we know she will be successful in her Medical career.  Hopefully, we will see her again in the future here in Ecuador!

Joel & Kim Delp