The Clinic Expansion Project is our construction project for this year and it has the goal of completing an extension to our clinic in order that we can offer Physical and Occupational Therapy in 2018.  The expansion of the clinic is significant and it is with the idea that there will be additional space for when the clinic grows in the future.  We have a goal to be a clinic that offers specialties, whether it be in Therapy, Women’s Health, Children’s Medicine, Traumatology, etc.

The Clinic Expansion Project will provide for the immediate need of space for Therapy but then there will be additional office space to grow in the future as well.  We had begun the extension previously in what we built earlier this year with the adding of the space for the bathrooms, office and expanded waiting area.  With what we have left to build for this expansion, we will need approximately another $25,000 in funding to complete the project.  If you would like to contribute to this construction project, please click below and type “Clinic Construction” in the place for a “Personal Message”:

The pictures below show you the expansion of the clinic that was completed earlier in the year that included a new waiting area, bathrooms and an office.  The rest of the photos are of the large expansion that is underway that we talked about above for the therapy rooms and additional space for the future. 

Joel & Kim Delp