As is fitting for our name, the Santiago Partnership, seeks to form partnerships that both benefit our project in Cayambe as well as with those whom we partner.  The same is true for our ministries in Ecuador.  Since our Home has opened back in June, we have seen growth in the Home as we now have 9 little ones with us.  We have also seen our partnerships grow.  Though we are yet to receive local financial assistance for our Home’s operational costs (a goal we have for 2018), we have seen many local donations of goods and services that help us offset our operational costs.  For example, we have a partnership with one local business owner that buys the Home a sack of rice as well as other staples every month.  What you see pictured here is a donation of fresh produce that we received this past week from the Comisaria Municipal de Cayambe.  What a blessing it is to receive support like this from our local partnerships!

Joel & Kim Delp