Our team for the week was made up of a diversity of women.  All of the missionary women from the U.S., a missionary from Sweden, women from the national women’s organization for the Ecuadoran Covenant church, and three women from North America came down for the week.  We worked in two different locations in northern Ecuador.  The first location was San Gabriel, a village located just south of the Colombian border.  The second location was in Punkuwayku, a village located in the Kichwa district just north of Ibarra.  Each clinic was hosted by a local Covenant church and there were two days of clinic in each site.  We had around 100 women come through over the four days.  We were able to provide medical, dental, and counseling in each location.  We also had classes for women while they were waiting about normal body changes, as well as having women available to chat with about faith issues and other topics.  Each woman was given a kit with reusable sanitary pads and basic hygiene items.  At each church we also had a church service that was open to women from the community.  It was a great week of sharing and learning for all involved!  Read an online article on CovMagazine here:

Joel & Kim Delp