Who wants to have a party?

The Santiago Partnership is proud to announce a new way to have fun Ecuadorian style, all for the benefit of At Risk Children and the Medically Underprivileged in Ecuador. Introducing the Santiago Partnership Fiesta Box! Let us know if you are interested in hosting a Santiago Partnership Fiesta Party and we will send you a “party-in-a-box” that will contain several items that you can use to host an Ecuadorian missions party where you can share your favorite trip photos and experiences from your time in Ecuador. We will send promo videos that explain the mission of the Santiago Partnership if any of your friends/ family feel led to support us. Also, we will send you small souvenirs from Otavalo, Ecuador that you can sell for a donation to the Santiago Partnership at your Fiesta party. Items for purchase could be scarves, coffee, a doll, blanket, tagua jewelry, etc. Each box will be unique!

Our bookkeeper, Angie Eberhard, recently hosted the first ever SP Fiesta Party! It was a fun time for everyone who attended!

Email us at info@santiagopartnership.org if you would like to host your very own Fiesta Party!

Joel & Kim Delp