Volunteers in Action

Two weeks ago the Santiago Partnership had the privilege of hosting the niece of Joel Delp and her husband. Their names are Brianne and Colton Potter and they came down to Ecuador to volunteer with the Santiago Partnership.

Brianne is in her last two years of pharmacy school and Colton recently finished his Masters in Divinity at Cedarville University in Ohio.

We were excited to work with them and put them to work…

Brianne worked in our clinic to help with inventory which she was able to use her expert pill counting abilities and was named “la experta” (the expert) in pill counting.  She also helped with placing medication orders for the clinic, general inventory, figuring out if medications were outdated, and working shoulder to shoulder with our staff to help in any way she could, utilizing an amazing translator, Esteban. 

Colton preached at our partner congregation, Iglesia Emanuel one evening.  He also helped our chaplain and Tia, Cecilia, with home visits to children and families that had been reunited from the Home for At Risk Children and others who are in the process.  They prayed with them and shared about Jesus and the changing power in our lives.  He also followed our friend and pastor of Iglesia Emanuel, Jose Tuquerez to learn more about the life of a pastor in Ecuador and what that looks like day to day.

Below are some pictures to check out of their time here volunteering!

It was truly a privilege to work with them and we were so blessed to have them in Ecuador.

Have you thought of volunteering or doing your internship somewhere internationally?  Ecuador and specifically partnering with the Santiago Partnership in Ecuador?  You can!  Check out our “ways to get involved” on our website here:  https://www.santiagopartnership.org/get-involved-1

Joel & Kim Delp