Serving Together with Bethany Covenant Church

We had the pleasure and privilege of serving together in a 4 way partnership this last week. Bethany Covenant Church came from Berlin, CT to partner once again with Misionera de la Valle church in Sangolgui, Ecuador right outside of Quito. We (the Clinica Emanuel and project in Cayambe) partnered with these 2 churches to serve a church plant in Las Delicias Ecuador outside of Santo Domingo and to help a small community with minimal access located in a plantain plantation! This was a first for all of us. It was an amazing time of service where TOGETHER we all served together. It was a great depiction of 1 Corinthians 12 which talks about all the parts of the body working together. This is exactly what we saw. All of us together served in different areas, VBS, crafts, workshops and education, medical services, presence, hospitality, reading stories and much more, but we all worked together in service which was truly a privilege. We were blessed to have a pediatrician and psychiatrist to serve the community and these 2 ladies were busy the whole time! Approximately 111 patients were seen and given care and time to share their stories. Many were diagnosed for the first time with high blood pressure.

The team had T shirts with the words “love needs no translation”. They truly lived this out and it was a privilege to serve with them.

Thank you Bethany Covenant! We appreciate you, your encouragement and love!

Check out pictures below from the week!

Joel & Kim Delp